Make It Veg!
Make It Veg!
Good Food, made simply.

Make It Veg! was born out of my love for food photography and cooking.  I became vegetarian about 10 years ago mainly because my life partner was and it didn't make sense to cook multiple meals to satisfy our two separate palettes.  It didn't take long for me to dive into all the wonderful vegetarian and vegan recipes out there and so Make It Veg! was born to bring multiple recipes into one place to share with others.


My goal is for this site is to serve as visual inspiration of great and healthy food and a place to browse for new ideas.  I buy organic and local and more importantly 'in-season' to showcase ingredients at their peak of freshness.  I love photographing food and have personally staged and photographed all images on this site.  Food should invoke all of our senses and I do my best to show that in every photo and post.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and come back often to see what's new.   I'm always open to feedback to please feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions, or questions.